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Water Lily

I protect wetlands for a living for the State of Vermont.  It’s a job worth doing, but sometimes without the immediate gratification of a “job well done” that something like, oh let’s say making art, might give you.  In 2013 we had been understaffed for several years and were pretty frayed as an organization.  In 2011, Irene had flooded us out of our offices in Waterbury and landed us in Montpelier in a less than ideal office space.  Morale was low as we were overworked and overwhelmed.  Personally, I found myself run-down and often cynical.  Not a great place to be.

Do you ever just get tired of yourself?  I’m sure it was a more gradual change, but it seemed like one day I just woke up and said – enough.  You can change your circumstances or you can change your attitude.  I was tired of being cynical.  Period.  Mostly I was tired of moping around about my work situation.  I love wetlands, wetlands need protecting, and if not me then who?  Wetlands are awesome! It was time to remember that!

So we launched a campaign to get out and visit all the best wetlands in the state.  The purpose of this was so we could reclassify these wetlands to a higher level of protection.  Over the course of that summer we kayaked, hiked, and sloshed through some of the most unique, diverse, important places in the state.  It was hot, sweaty, stinky and totally AMAZING.  It completely re-established why we do what we do. And getting to see nesting herons, bald eagles, frogs, fishes, turtles, beaver, and a whole lot of beauty really brought home why wetlands are important. I took a series of photos on Instagram that document that summer.  Water Lily was taken in the South Bay of Lake Memphremagog.  I have a feeling that more artwork may come out of that series.