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Single Track

I was having a conversation with a friend lately about the benefits of meditation.  When he asked if it was something I did every day my response was “No, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

I feel so fortunate to live where I do.  There are so many places that are yet to be discovered, even after 20 years of living in Vermont.  One of my favorite places to go year-round is Perry Hill in Waterbury.  You have to pass under the highway to get there, but once you are up into the woods the quiet peacefulness is an instant balm.  Whether it be an early morning trail run with my dog, a huffing-and-puffing climb up the hill on a mountain bike, or a tranquil ski-tour in fresh snow, these trails are my go-to spot to get back to myself.  It feels like a trusted friend, where I can lay all my worries to rest.  We show each other so many faces, both being prone to volatility in our seasons, weather and general conditions.  It’s one of the more profound relationships I have in my life.  I am never the same person at the end of the trail as I am in the beginning.  I am always better, always more peaceful, always more myself by the time I get to the bottom again.  The trails change from day to day, offering infinite variety and wonder.  As someone who seeks opportunities to be the best version of myself, this relationship is a godsend.  

“Single Track” is inspired by Perry Hill and all the other amazing places we find ourselves.  It’s a tribute to the relationship we foster with nature, and to the meditative qualities of serene spaces.