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Blue Rocks

I’ve been lucky enough to have a best friend and travel buddy that I’ve had some amazing adventures with.  In 2015 Lisa and I ended up in Nova Scotia for a week-long stint, and got up to our usual shenanigans of checking out breweries, taking in the natural beauty of the place and having some adventures.  One of the most notable days was a kayak adventure out of a place called Blue Rocks.  On the eastern coast of Nova Scotia, this is a little cove and fishing village that is about as picturesque as they come.  There was a tiny shanty store selling these amazing “to go” lunches in dry-bags to the folks taking tours from the local kayaking company.  We packed up and explored out to where the maze of rocks and inlets met the sea.  It was a beautiful day with crystal clear blue skies, white fluffy clouds, starfish on rocks, and the smell of kelp and the ocean on the wind.  And that picnic lunch in the dry-bag was probably the best I’ve ever had.  We ate it perched on a sunny rock, watching the tide roll in.