About the Artist



Shannon Morrison found her passion for ceramics through a circuitous route. With a background in biology and botany, Shannon makes her a living as an ecologist, protecting natural resources in Vermont. She took a clay class in 2008 and has been hooked ever since. Her affiliation with the natural world informs her artistic expression. N3 Pottery was born out of a desire to share that affiliation, and to pursue the seemingly endless array of creative possibilities that clay presents.  Shannon creates sgraffito decorated pottery that is wheel thrown white clay bodies overlain with colored slip or underglaze. The work is characterized by bold, graphic designs using simple harmonious color schemes of slip and glaze. The result is functional handmade art that you can hold, feel and use. N3 Pottery also has a line of wall-art that uses compilations of ceramic plates/boxes to convey the landscapes of Vermont.  Shannon works out of her home studio in Moretown, Vermont