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LaPlatte River

We rounded a bend on the Laplatte River to see this green tunnel during a research site visit to reclassify this outstanding wetland to a higher protection status.  I was so taken by the view, my original title to this work was “Laplatte River, Gateway to Narnia.”  You can imagine being transported to another world as soon as you round that next bend.  What I think is amazing about being on the water is that just above us, the bustling town of Shelburne went about its business, and there was this quiet magical oasis down below, slowly making its way to Lake Champlain.  It’s a common occurrence to find this kind of peace on the water, whether it be paddling on a lake, or fishing a stream.  This work took a while to make because I was somewhat daunted by the complexity of the subject.  But I think the piece captures some of the magic and depth of this place.